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Community Connections

CCLA Fan Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Cesar Chavez Learning Academies!  Please read and abide by the following Fan Code of Conduct to ensure that all of our guests can enjoy all CCLA events, both home and away.   Violation may be grounds for denial of entry into, or ejection from, the school campus or athletic fields, revocation of tickets without refund, and/or arrest and prosecution.

1.     Be courteous to other fans. Do not disrupt other fans with disrespectful, unruly, or hostile actions or behavior. Inappropriate behavior should be reported to the nearest administrator, staff, or School Police Officer.  

2.     Do not go onto the field, throw objects onto the field, or interfere with the game in play.

3.     Comply with requests from CCLA personnel regarding school campus or athletic fields operations and emergency response procedures.

4.     Be courteous to the residents of the neighborhoods surrounding the school campus or athletic fields when entering and exiting the school campus or athletic fields.

5.     Tailgating is prohibited. Please do not consume food and alcoholic beverages in the school parking lots before, during, or after a game.

6.     Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Anyone who appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance may be denied entry to or ejected from the school campus or athletic fields.  Alcoholic beverages may not be brought onto the school campus or athletic fields premises.

7.     Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the school campus or athletic fields.

8.     Possession and/or use of marijuana on the school campus or athletic fields premises is prohibited.

9.     Guns, weapons, illegal drugs, and other materials deemed hazardous or dangerous by CCLA personnel or School Police are prohibited.

10.  Foul/abusive language and obscene gestures are prohibited.

11.  Obscene or indecent clothing is prohibited.

12.  Tagging and/or vandalism is prohibited.

13.  All persons entering the school campus or athletic fields are subject to reasonable search to protect the safety of students, staff, and guests and to ensure compliance with this Fan Code of Conduct.

14.  All persons entering the school campus or athletic fields will be expected to abide by all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

15.  Items intended for sale or trade may not be brought onto CCLA property, including the parking lots, without a permit, concession license, or lease from the CCLA.


Neither CCLA nor LAUSD is responsible for lost, stolen, or confiscated items.