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Why Choose ASE?


Why choose ASE?

An ASE student shares her thoughts...

Your Choice. Your Future.

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--"ASE has helped me excel in some of the most rigorous courses known. Not only because the teachers are amazing, but because the environment at ASE promotes being the best you could be. I'm sure that I am not the only student who has been changed from a timid person to being a leader. I personally thought when I first entered ASE that my teachers weren't going to care about me, my grades, or my well-being, but I was proved wrong. ASE cares about me because they taught me how to act in society and to be proactive. ASE cares about my classes because our teachers monitor our grades, absent times and tardies, and by knowing our faults and our achievements the administration and teachers know whether to reward us or confront us about our issues. Most importantly ASE cares about the well-being of their students because the teachers truly and sincerely care. Multiple teachers have helped me when I feel down or when there's a problem among the students and it's as if the teachers are second parents, they sense when someone needs help or comfort. Another reason ASE cares is because we are told, or read, almost daily our motto, ''be good" whether it be through staff, our lanyards or the big banner in our court yard. When I see that motto I make sure to follow it and though some don't know how to be good we are constantly reminded about good character and equality that we eventually get the idea. I feel like you can't choose a better school than ASE. I am proud to be a student there because of the teachers, my friends, and all the doors that I have been opened for me there." -- Student, Class of 2015


--"My favorite thing about ASE is that teachers actually pressure you to be better! There is more teacher, student interaction! They actually know all the kids there!"--Student, Class of 2013

-- "The best thing about ASE is the teachers because I feel like ASE is like my second home. ASE has helped me achieve some of my goals and it has helped me to think twice before I do something so that I make good choices." -- Student, Class of 2015

--"My daughter needed help in her class and the teachers set up her schedule so that she could get as much help as possible. I'm glad to say my daughter is doing very well now."--Parent

-- "ASE has helped me be the person I am now, it helped me come out of my comfort zone and be bold and daring. ASE is helping me better my future."--Student, Class of 2013

-- "My interactions with the students at school and community functions have been nothing but positive. The emphasis on character comes shining through."- -Community Member/Prospective Parent

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